30cm approx

Long Lasting 

Perfect for gifting or yourself!

Our pink and white glittered ombre palm spear makes a great single cake topper or can be added to other arrangements to give a bit of sparkle!

This item has been hand sprayed to create this effect before applying glitter to the edges. 

These are real dried flowers. Each are individual and therefore, sizes and shapes may vary slightly. All elements in our arrangements arrive as a standard length, giving you the option to snip down shorter if required.

CARE TIPS: We strongly advise that all of our dried flowers are taped or cake picks are used when adding these to your cakes. They contain floral dies. sprays and paints. So we advice you take care in preventing them making direct contact with food. to comply with health and safety standards.

glitter Pink



Sunny Mint


Spring Heart 


Petite tao

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